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Shanghai Tannet Profile
Tannet Shanghai, which is a member of Tannet Group, was established in the city center of Shanghai in 2004. Tannet is a global business solution provider, providing the small and medium-sized enterprises with multi-functional business and investment services, ranging from basic to high-end professional tailor-made services. With ten years development, Tannet has extended its business to the main cities around China, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Quanzhou, Yiwu and Xiamen, etc.
Tannet Business in Shanghai
Tannet provides valued clients with business set-up in form of wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE), representative office (RO), joint venture (JV); business operation in form of Shanghai investment portfolio, Shanghai business plan, market study, Pre-IPO service, procurement service, domain name registration, website set up, webpage design; business management in form of human resource management business follow-up in form of annual return, monthly tax return, book-keeping & auditing, etc.
Shanghai Investment Guide
Shanghai is the industrial, commercial and financial centre of China, an outward-looking city of over 20 million people famous for its fashion as well as for its finance. Located in Yangtze River Delta, shanghai also has the largest port in mainland China. Its highly developed finance, trade, travel, real estate catch up with the world standard day by day. The complete legal system and the international standard market rule builds a nice investment environment for Shanghai.
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Shanghai
Tannet can set up a Shanghai company in form of WFOE, WFOE stands for wholly foreign owned enterprise, which is 100% held by foreign individual or corporate entity. Tannet will make you easier to apply Shanghai work permit or entry visa if you set WFOE. Based on this WFOE in Shanghai, you can establish branch offices in other cities to expand your business around China.
Representative Office (RO) in Shanghai
Tannet can set up a Shanghai business in form of RO, RO stands for representative office, which is set up by foreign enterprises with main functions of liaison, preparation and assistance. RO is not a dependent legal entity, so it can not engage in operational avtivities directly. However, it is allowed and encouraged to conduct "indirect operational activities" such as market research and quality control. The advantage of seting up a RO is that the procedure is relatively easier and faster and there is no registered capital needed.
Joint Venture (JV) in Shanghai
Tannet can set up a Shanghai company in form of JV, JV stands for joint venture, which is set up by foreign companies and other economic entities or individuals together with Chinese companies and other economic entities within the territory of the People's Republic of China. Joint venture can be divided into equity joint venture and cooperative joint venture.
Quick Go in Shanghai
Quick Go is a life guide or work guide designed especially for the foreign investors who are still new in Shanghai. They will find life and work in Shanghai much easier with help of this Quick Go guidance or navigator. Quick Go includes information of government rules and regulations, business information, bank account opening, job market, accommodation, transportation, cultural, tourism, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide Tannet’s clients with a quick way to familiarize themselves with the new investment environment in the area of business setup, operation, management, follow-up and related government rules and regulations. With this assistance, clients can easily understand what to invest, when to invest, where to invest, why to invest, whom to cooperate, finally find out a way to business success in China.

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